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Accreditation Readiness Platform (c)

The process of accreditation/reaccreditation takes years to complete. For example, ACEJMC requires more than 120 Evidence & Indicators  that must be documented followed by a yearlong self-study before accreditation can occur.


EducatioGlobal's Accreditation Readiness Platform (ARP)  identifies accreditation standards that need development, creates a customized accreditation roadmap, and establishes a communication platform used to organize and submit finalized documents to accrediting organizations. 

Some programs start the accreditation process only to find they have difficulties meeting accreditation requirements. ARP's accreditation roadmap identifies potential roadblocks upfront, and establishes an execution strategy that saves a department valuable time and resources. 

Clients pay a one time fee for ARP's platform then can work with EducatioGlobal as they seek accreditation, or use ARP's communication platform to move forward independently.

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