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public and private sectors

workshops in more than 30 countries

workshops throughout the United States

Competitive Edge
Creating and Showcasing Business Innovation

Partnering with Embassies, Universities, Industry, and Journalism Organizations EducatioGlobal conducts entrepreneurial workshops on weekends and holds journalism seminars on business reporting during the week. The series typically ends with an innovation showcase that brings together all participants and the greater community in order to highlight regional innovation.  

Fake News
Audience Engagement

Offering journalism departments a two-week seminar that educates students about the "Fake News" landscape, and then works with the department and students to develop a thirty-minute TV News magazine focused on journalism ethics.  

Influencing The Headlines Empowering Women in Journalism 

EducatioGlobal partners with corporations to media train their female executives as subject matter experts.   During lunch, a panel of journalists and PR experts share their insights of what it takes to be a subject matter expert within media.

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